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Dallas iPad Repair 1 HR service – iPad Repair Dallas Texas – Dallas Texas iPad Repair Center Need an iPad repair service? we provide affordable & Quick repair servicing Dallas Area .Most iDevices can be repaired while-u-wait so you won’t be disconnected from your contacts for too long. That’s Fast, Friendly and Affordable Technicians trained to provide you with the best Apple iPad Repair


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Dallas iPad Repair Service For Homes School Hospital ISD and Offices

Many of  Dallas, Texas customers are students and teachers with a broken iPhone, iPad, iPod, Cell Phone, Tablet PC, or Smart Phone. We know how important it is for them to have their device in good working condition. We offer a 7% discount for students and teachers who need cracked/broken screen repair, battery replacement, audio problems repair, charge and dock port repair and camera problem repair from the following schools:

University of North Texas

Texas Woman’s University

DeVry University-Texas

Collin County Community College District

Brookhaven College

we use high quality OEM iPad replacement parts such as iPad touchscreen glass digitalizes, LCD screens, batteries, etc. We keep most parts in stuck for all our local Dallas repairs.


iPad screen repair: we replace your broken and cracked iPad screen also known as the digitizer or touchscreen glass. This process includes removing the touchscreen glass and replacing it with a new screen.

iPad dented corners repair: if the metal corners are dented due to a fall or other reasons, we can smooth them out for you at no extra cost.

iPad LCD screen repair: your iPad LCD screen is located underneath your touchscreen glass and it is not usually damaged when you drop your iPad. However, if you are no longer able to see your Display, videos or pictures correctly, then it might require to be replaced.

iPad Home, On/Off or volume button repair: If you iPad buttons are damaged or stuck, we can easily repair or replaced them.

iPad charging port repair: your iPad charging port can be damaged and not hold the cord or take charge. We will replace it with a new one.

iPad headphone jack repair: if the end of your earphone plug is broken and stuck inside of your iPad headphone jack, we can repair or replace the assembly.

iPad camera repair: if your iPad front and back camera no longer work or do not focus correctly, then they need to be replaced.

iPad antenna repair for Wi-Fi or cellular data: if your iPad no longer receives signal or if the signal is weak, it might need a new antenna.

iPad battery repair and replacement: if your iPad no longer holds a charge or if the battery drains quickly, then it needs a new battery and we can replace it for you.

We provide expert iPhone, iPad, iPod, Cell Phone, Smart Phone, Tablet PC, mail in repair service for Dallas, Texas 75229.

Cracked and Broken Screen repair is our specialty!


iPad®, iPad® 2, iPad® 3, iPad® 4 and iPad Mini®, iPad Air® Repair Service Parts and Support


What about the Music ,Video  & apps on my iPad?

We recommend that you make sure your iPad has been backed up to iTunes or iCloud. We don’t do anything that affects the data on your iPad, but it is always a good idea to have a backup. For help on how to back up your iPad data, click here.

What if the corner of my iPad is slightly bent?

This is very common for many iPad screen repairs. Slight damage to any of the corners or sides can happen when the iPad is dropped, and is commonly the cause of a shattered iPad screen in the first place. These small indentations in the aluminum frame are easily bent back to their original shape to make room for the replacement screen. These minor cosmetic repairs are included with the purchase of our Express iPad 2 Screen Repair,  iPad 3/4 Screen Repair, or iPad Mini Screen Repair.

Is there a warranty on my iPad repair?

Yes, we warranty all of our repairs for one 1 year after the repair is complete. Our guarantee covers parts and labor for any repairs or parts deemed defective. Our guarantee is designed to give you the peace of mind to know that your device will be taken care of both now and in the future. We will fix the parts we replaced FREE of charge to you! Note: The buyer will be responsible for shipping Mail in Repair

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